Leadership Development

Leadership Development

Organisations today are looking for genuine development of their leaders that goes beyond theoretical and outdated courses that often translate to little change.

Anyone wanting to create effective leaders needs to understand the dynamics of leadership, in which the individuals ‘inner world’ has a central place in their development. Helping individuals understand their personal characteristics and capacities, diverse thoughts, feelings and behaviours is an essential component of developing strategic self-awareness in leaders. Sustaining this behavioural change requires systematic development, the use of valid assessments and the support of coaches.

Beyond this, leadership development also needs to take into account the external environment and situation of the organisation, the working relationships co-created by the leaders and organisations systems. This requires a flexible development programme that is informed and aligned with the organisations strategy and a multi-modal in approach to bring together personal and professional development.

Leadership is also about coping with change and in the East African environment, where organisations are faced with increasing competition, more volatility and new frontiers of opportunities, this change demands even greater leadership. As a result, effective leadership development requires learning to be context and individual specific. Just as leadership is about change, leadership development is a process of change.

The Iliad Leadership Development Programme is less concerned with teaching leadership, the primary focus of informational learning on business school courses, and more about how can leaders be helped to learn, transformational learning that involves self-awareness, reflecting on experiences and making sense of new behaviours and practices.

It is a transformational space, tailored to organisational complexities and intricacies, personalised for individuals and designed as a meaningful leadership development programme.

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