Executive Coaching

Executive Coaching

Senior executives are increasingly recognizing the benefits and opportunities of having an Executive Coach to enable them to gain better understanding and to become more aware of themselves and their environment. Through scheduled consultations a coach facilitates the performance, learning and development of the Executive, resulting in improved decision-making and long lasting change.

Businesses today are ever demanding on Executives. Flatter organisations, changing workplace dymanics, faster business cycles and 24/7 information flow have converged to increase the demands made on Executives and lessen the viability of traditional management development approaches.

To cope, people have to learn new ways of thinking and approaching situations in order to get better results. Traditional development programmes that have been directive in nature, such as training and instructing, have reduced the opportunity to think and be creative.

In a coaching intervention, the approach is customized, the learning is intrinsic and satisfaction is derived from the pursuit and achievement of meaningful goals. The Executive defines their own goals, solves problems themselves and the responsibility stays with them. As a result, not only are extraordinary results achieved, but coaching also delivers fulfillment and meaning for the Executive.