Transforming talent for high performance

Development of leaders is a critical business issue – an integral part of achieving business strategy.

Our integrated approach to leadership development is anchored on three principles:

Leaders who know themselves and their teams use their capabilities more skillfully, develop trusting relationships and engage their operating environments to deliver. Since inception in 1997, Career Connections was the pioneer in Assessments in East Africa and to date has assessed 19,500 leaders using globally validated assessment tools and designed and generated over 7,500 leadership 360 feedback reports. Based on extensive assessment data research and experience in leadership development, Career Connections has established that developing leader’s self-awareness, tailoring development and using coaches has a lasting impact on leaders.

Building on the foundation of self-awareness, coaching enables the leader to increase effectiveness, broaden thinking, identify strengths and development needs and set and achieve challenging goals. In partnership with the Academy of Executive Coaching, since 2009 Career Connections has trained 920 executives into coaches at certificate and diploma level.
Through our extensive panel of AoEC accredited executive coaches we provide coaching services to organisations and leaders in the form of individual and team coaching. Coaching interventions include Leadership role and transition coaching, Systemic team coaching and overcoming resistance to change.

70-20-10 Learning Model:
The research-based, time-tested guideline for developing leaders says that you need to have three types of experience, using a 70-20-10 ratio: Experiential Learning (70 percent), Interpersonal Learning (20 percent) and Informational Learning (10 percent).

In partnership with, INSEAD, AoEC and A&DC we provide well-designed coursework and training that support leaders in clarifying and establishing a shared knowledge base to align to a common leadership vision. Programme modules incorporate tools and experiential practice sessions to enable executives become more effective learners and leaders.